Innovative Arts is experiencing a rebirth in Montreal, Quebec. Originally located in Westchester, New York, it was conceived and operated by Judith Solomon as Artistic Director and Stephen Spiegel as Administrative Director.

Since relocating to Montreal in 2011, Solomon and Spiegel are repeatedly impressed by the quality and variety of the fine art created and exhibited in this beautiful City. The result is the metamorphosis of Innovative Arts into a Gallery in the Grover Building on Rue Parthenais.

Innovative Arts offers for sale works by local artists, “objets d’art” created throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, in particular champlevé and cloisonné of Asian origin, and 20th Century ephemera and memorabilia. We also feature an excellent selection of art books, many of which are out of print, and limited editions.

The definition of “fine art” encompasses a very wide spectrum – painting, sculpture, crafts, print making, mixed media, graphic design and, of course, the works created by the very talented people who envision the images we view every day on the internet.

Stephen Spiegel is the Director, combining his years as an arts administrator as well as his experience in the buying and selling of art and antiques under the banner of “Lucky Ned Pepper”, an enterprise he created and ran in upstate New York.

Solomon and Spiegel invite you to visit our gallery, make an appointment to search for your own treasures … have a cup of coffee … sit a while … and get to experience the various art objects that span so many cultures and centuries, and that continue to enhance the quality of our lives.